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Created for producers, by producers

Designed for Producers of all skill levels, with emphasis on efficacy and retention. A vision to create a community that strives to better themselves and the people around them. A place where people can learn, share & support one another in such a challenging market.

Learn from the professionals

Our courses aim to provide you with a strong understanding of fundamental skills, advanced techniques & preparation for the challenges that will be faced within the Music sector.

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Take your production to new heights

All members access our array of masterclasses each month with a carefully constructed sample pack, created by Turno, for use in their projects.

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Exclusive access to 'If Only ft TIC' masterclass

Only for Founding Members

Get those mellow vibes in your mix, let Turno teach you how to get the most out of ambient and melodic Drum and Bass.

  • Liquid DNB production tutorial
  • Sampling and track layering
  • Musicality in your tracks with pads and synths
  • Mixing vocals into your tracks effectively

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Access to 'Asylum' live recorded class

Ever wanted to learn how to make those screaming Jump Up basses that make you want to boot your grandma in the face?

  • Layering drums and creating constant variation
  • Bussing and processing techniques
  • Bass resampling
  • Pushing the most out of a mix down

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Ethos Volume Samples

Each month get a collection of sounds put together by Turno, ramp up your production quality with professionally mixed and layered sounds.

Everything you need to create DnB hits from the ground up is here, add to the arsenal each month inspired by his latest tracks.

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Premium Ethos Discord

  • Founding member role
  • Community for producers and DJ's to get together
  • Competitions to feature your music
  • A place to discuss masterclass content
  • Share your skills

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Become a founding member

Offering the chance to become an exclusive start of the Ethos story.
Get updates and features before anyone else and advance your production to new levels.

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Hosted by Turno

"Yes my g'sss. I wish I had something when I was getting deeper into the industry that taught me fundamental skills and somewhere I could get advice on the reality of being a Producer/DJ and what that means professionally. Now I'm bringing it to you"

Ethos will focus on all areas of Music Production and Performance.

Not only that, the key areas of motivation & health are also critical to becoming an all rounded artist.

We encourage all aspects and invite you to discuss strategies to maximise productivity and to assist with structure & routine.

Limited time only offer RRP £24.99/mo